Morning Fitness

Wagaman School commits to a whole school fitness program as a part of its weekly practice. The program is run by the upper primary classes and takes place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. The upper-primary students have organized games and sports activities such as yoga, skipping, basketball, and soccer and these activities help students to develop different skills. Every week students rotate through the activities. Each term the fitness program is devised by one of the year 5/6 classes and the program runs for 10 weeks.

A Student learning how to play golf

Visual Arts at Wagaman

At Wagaman Primary the Arts is an area which is incorporated into students' learning as it serves as a great learning tool. The school provides programs in both Performing and Visual Arts as we have various specialist teachers who work with the children in these areas.

Visual Arts is an area which students can adopt different ways to express themselves without the use of words. Students learn about famous painters, popular styles of art, as well as learning how to manipulate various tools to create their artwork.

An example of how students use different techniques to create artwork

Performing Arts at Wagaman

Arts infused programming is valued within the school. Children have skills and talent in many fields.  Music, drama and dance may be areas in which they can demonstrate strength and creativity.

Research has shown that the arts are a positive way to engage children in the learning process. Music and movement encourage children to participate and take risks.  This translates across into the literacy and numeracy arena.  Children feel positive and wish to have-a-go.

Wagaman has various specialist teachers who work with the children in music and drama.

School Band- Count Us In

Rock and Water at Wagaman Primary

In 2010 Wagaman Primary School began a program called Rock and Water. This program provides young people a pathway to self-awareness, and increased self-confidence and social functioning. The Rock and Water program includes the use of physical exercises, non-intrusive self-defense activities, role plays, group discussions and debriefing exercises which support young people in developing body, emotional and self awareness. During these sessions, the students reflect on what they have learnt, the collaborative skills practiced and their personal journey.

Students demonstrating some of the exercises learnt.


KidsMatter is an Australian primary schools mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention initiative. The initiative was trialled in over 100 schools nationally during 2006-2008. Wagaman Primary joined the KidsMatter initiative in 2009 and in partnership with families and the community, is working towards making a positive difference to the wellbeing of our school community.

KidsMatter Website:

Intercultural Studies

Promotional material for Intercultral Studies.

Tribes Learning Community

What is Tribes?

Tribes Community Circle

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